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Quiet waters for gatherings

"Behold the war, child of the son,

To end all wars, thy will be done,

A last the trick to death begot,

the light returned, but not for naught.."

I notice as I travel down the river that I’m seeing less and less boats. The shorelines are a bit overgrown and there are odd noises coming from the woods at night. Ezra is with me on deck today, she's been down below for a few months… she’s not a fan of the water, I don’t think any of her kind are. There’s a certain ominous feeling in the air as I proceed down river to the falls… I think you have to cross some kind of crazy to reach the mad. There’s a strong part of me that wants to dive into the water and never come back up… at times it seems that would be so much easier, though I know that’s a false notion. I ride huge waves each day, morning to night. The sun, she brings a smile and a sense of hope and adventure as I chart an unknown course, feeding hummingbirds that frequent my deck… while the night brings a dark somber hopelessness that I often wonder about and curse. I hear stories of a phantom and dragonflies that rule the waterways, stargazer dreams and I wonder if I’ll ever see old comrades past the point of no return. And then there’s the rabbit, who’s been traveling along the shore with me… a strange beast large than 2 men, walking partially upright and grunting when it’s close. I sometimes think it might jump aboard and devour me like a carrot. I guess we’ll see what comes of the rabbit and his presence. I’ve realized that I wish great things for my friends and enemies a like, always, if only they could wish the same for me. If they did, perhaps I wouldn’t be on this amazing adventure alone. It’s odd, but I’m so grateful for such things. Failure on all levels is such a great tool to add to your magic belt of tricks. Shhhh… I should go, Ezra is growling, I think something is about to happen. Be well and stay your own course.

- evermore


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