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New Normals... TB12: Goat

I had so many Hadder related things I wanted to talk about today... but I thought I would simply have a moment of appreciation for the GOAT who retired today.

I grew up in New England and have fond memories of my grandfather and father watching Patriots football in Dartmouth Massachusetts, back in the Steve Grogen days when the Pats were just another team. I watched and followed Brady most of my life as he seemed to arrive from nowhere, with his Super bowl victories and odd unbelievably dramatic wins running parallel to my own ongoing memories in life, marking moments that I'll never forget in places near and far... like line etchings on a bedroom wall as you grow up. His story was like a movie that had multiple seasons with happy endings.. and a few sad ones too. I could tell you about my Super bowl night in that little Irish Bar off laurel canyon Blvd during the 16 and 0 season.. that was a sad night... or perhaps my chilly quiet New Englander night on Corral Canyon in the Malibu Hills.. watching the Falcons 28 to 3 lead disappear in some strange magical movie like fashion... or how about last season in Tampa.... Oh I have memories for them all.... It's kind of shocking today to know we just watched the final TB12 season and were not even aware of it. I'm not actually into sports that much, but this guy was like a happy thread that went all the way back to my childhood. It's sad to see things come to an end.. the constants that make life feel a little normal at times... and safe.... yet their absence also forces us to move on and create new normals. What amazing memories this guy gave me. #sograteful #today



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