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More important things.

diamonds hadder the tower kind winters promo video

Image info: An image from some comic strips I'm working on for the novel.

Good morning… so much is happening around here.. and not just with me. Let me give you a little update anyway as these little messages seem to ground me and keep me focused on the falls ahead.

Little things: To be honest my heart has been with Ukraine the last week or so… it brings a lot of perspective to my own life. I enjoy creating things and it’s a nice way to stay busy but when such things are going on, I do find it a bit ridiculous to talk about anything I’m doing. There are just way more important things going on. Life and death things. Having said that, life does still happen and so I suppose it’s all I can do right now to keep me sane. For that reason, it will be a short little update on music related things, as my heart is focused mostly on the people on the hillsides and the struggles they are facing these minutes and hours. I find myself looking for ways to jump a plane… to arrive there and do something… anything I can to help anyone. A smile, a hand, a hug… anything. Perspective is a funny thing… and ignorance is certainly a bliss. I appreciate anyone who reads my words… or who is interested in seeing if I’ll complete this painting… but during times like these, I’m reminded that my dreams and my paintings can wait… because there are way more important things to think about sometimes.

New Music: I have been tracking when I can and all focus is on “Long is the Road”, which BTW is very close to completion now. It seems to be my main stay in between watching the events unfold half a world away. I suppose it’s my therapy for now. I will complete this painting.

I think that’s it for today. Again, lets just all pray for the people who are suffering today and for an end to this war in the distance, as I will be.

Video Info: A random piece of a mix while I've been tracking for "Long is the Road", not sure if what will find it's way to the master track.. but this is certainly a picture of the idea and process. Still a ways to go on this, but the picture is coming into focus.

Thanks again for reading my own little things.




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