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Mattix and the Imagineer: Update

Good morning from the tower. It’s Friday, I woke with a flood of words today. They were everywhere. I love that. I was in an LA parking lot this morning, sitting in the fog to misty street lights while a homeless person had a little campfire going in the street. I felt like an extra in “Escape from New York”. I was doing my morning singing routines… always training… in patterns… singing the words I see in the air… but while I was singing I saw a wooden cat on a library shelf, its toylike magic feline glowing Siamese eyes were hidden in the dark between two books… a bit sinister like.. ha.. well, I suppose there is a story brewing for the Hadder tale, perhaps the wooden cat that Zabble will stumble upon when he finds his way to the lower level of the castle. He makes an odd noise when he walks, like wood knocking into each other… eww… I like him… my own Pinocchio minus the nose liar thing… I call him “Mattix” Perhaps a spell from Medlin to keep his books safe from pesky smart mice. So is my day but filled with wonder.. looking forward to that chapter.

Other news on the Hadder story: the waterfall tale will have to wait, as it’s far too important of a puzzle piece to release now, I think a few short tales to set the scene are in order still. Hence “The keeper and the key” and now “Mattix the Coin and the Book”. I will say that Hadder, lord skynn and ezra are quite safe journeying to the gates of Europa well past the Gorgon bridges, and that soon Hadder will wake with an interesting dream about a hidden waterfall and a sacrifice and a mysterious raven who’s perhaps not a raven after all. Somewhere in this world, there is a Lady that Hadder will meet.. which also might have something to do with his dreams and the future. I’m looking forward to this adventure. I can only imagine the music for it all once it’s completed.

Diamond Hadder New Music: “Rivers End” is almost complete. I’ve had about 3 sessions of Drum, Bass and Guitar work on it and now it’s starting to sound quite grand. It’s one of the more elaborate pieces of music I’ve worked on. Like meatloaf meets phantom of the opera. It might not win a Grammy, but it certainly is a painting I’m proud of. This weekend I’ll tighten up a few screws and perhaps add some grand piano to the front of it. I know a keyboard/Harp player that I’ve been considering for the hadder project, who I also might send the track to, to see if he might create a little magic on the opening sequence of the song. We’ll see how the mixes go this weekend before I do that. Right now “rivers End” is all I’m focused on, after that… there is a track called “Long is the Road’ next on my list and I imagine I’ll be working on that in about 2 weeks while final mixes of rivers get close.

On the side project front: With 3 Ramsay/Evermore tracks completed, we’ll have to discuss what to do next with that project. Record more songs to round out a record or tie up loose ends on the mixes and “Officially” release what we have. I have more Ramsay material, so I’ll probably start tracking a new one in the coming weeks… mixed in to the “Diamonds Hadder” workload. Which reminds me of a lyric that came to me while I was listening to some of the new Ramsay material.

“I might be the King of the Lonely cards,

but the deck is ruled by a Queen of Hearts.”

Stargazer Crew: After some discussions with Dougy Weiand, looks like we are booked and tracking some new cover songs in 2 weeks. From what I can gather this will be the same crew that did the Stargazer video, with Rob Black… the studio engineer at Light Black Studios in LA filling in on Bass Guitar. There’s talk of some original music on the table with that particular cast of characters… as well as some talks regarding Dougy maybe being involved with the first official Diamonds Hadder record. But we’ll see how that all plays out. Next year should be a rather interesting year of creation… on all musical fronts.

Here is a little piece of music at the end of “Rivers End”, it was on the chopping block for the TOR record, and was soon to disappear into the oblivion of lost things recorded at the 200 north tower, but it will be part of the song now. Actually, it always was part of the song.... now it just gets to be heard. You could say I’ve set it free. A rock collector and vindicator of words and ideas, that's me.


“It's hard to believe we’re forever

It’s sad to think you know it all

It’s a gift…

We play this game at all…

Somewhere past the end it all begins again….

Go see the man at the rivers end.”

Video Info: Music from "Rivers End".


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