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John hadder and the Golden Stream

diamonds hadder the tower kind winters promo video

Image: An early portrait of John hadder, Diamonds father..

Good morning, a short Friday message as a lot is going on in the hadder camp. I'm in my 2nd week of meditations and I’m literally seeing the world as particles and energy. All things. You have no idea, or maybe you do.

I broke through some thick brush this week and found my way into the golden stream by accident… I can’t really talk about it right now as it’s still all so fresh in my mind and consciousness. It was amazing… such a thing even exists, and it was there all along. Shame on me.

I will say very quickly, some things have been reactivated to prepare for the release of all this work I’ve been doing.... @j_evermore has risen from the dead... feel free to stop in and say hello. I have some creative things I’ll be working on there in the coming months as the planet starts to feel the trickle of Hadder energy and things in small dark places look for places to wander.

I should be meeting with Ransay rather soon to finalize some solos and mixes for the Ramsay/Evermore tracks that we finished earlier in the year. They will be sent adrift with the rest of the Diamonds Hadder Record, along that beautiful golden stream I’m engulfed in these days…hopefully before I leave for my pilgrimage.

My mind is well on the Hadder Book now and the characters and stories I need to bring to life…. All while I finish up my last few dance moves with the Dead Rabbit. What a lucky tale that turned out to be. No pun intended.

Enjoy a little image of John Hadder, my father. There are not many images of John Hadder, some say he was 7ft tall, some say he had strange red markings on his face like scars that never healed.. and that his eyes were as blue as the Brakkil sea. This was an early rendition of him found in a book in Zabbles library, not sure if it's accurate. From what I can tell from the books I have read... he was a formidable specimen of a man.

Enjoy your life dear friends, imagine it deeply, and it could be very well so. I promise. I wish the best for you. Stay up.

-J (from deep inside the golden stream of consciousness)


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