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Intermission: Costume Change

diamonds hadder the tower kind winters promo video

Image: Some concept art I did for Diamonds Hadder. One of the many Bokonian death trackers.

Good day.

It’s Friday again… this week I celebrated my birth moon. It’s a birth week so to say with a bunch of new ideas coming to me… here in the golden stream all bets are off.

Home: A little update of things, I’ve been contemplating the release of the record and the various roads to take on releasing it. I’ve talked with several labels as of late. big and small, I still haven’t found the clear path. The push and power of a label is intoxicating, but there is some enticing qualities about just DIYing it all. There’s a lot of tools out there these days, who knows. We'll see, after my pilgrimage I'll have to make a decision and stick with it for this first record. Either way it's exciting.

Rumbles in the tower: Act 1 is complete and there are some rumblings going on that could shift the release of the record. Let me explain. I have considered as of late, a small shift in the way that I release the book and music. Perhaps putting the record out under the simple banner of “Hadder”, and the book and all things related to the story of John Hadder, as “Diamonds Hadder”. This all came to me while sitting in the golden stream this week. It’s too early to tell for sure, but all signs are leading to this.

Diamond Hadder and the world of: For those who don’t know, the “Field Notes: page on this website follows the story of Diamonds Hadder as it progresses in short stories form. It’s something that happened accidentally as I was making the record… it soon turned into the larger and larger idea. An idea now that is occupying my mind a lot each day. Characters and worlds and plots and weapons and creatures. How fun, to create a place and time as defined by me, in the hopes of perhaps turning it into something much more visual in the future.

Time: I often contemplate time and maybe I viewed it as a fleeting thing as though I was running from it or chasing it, but this week my birth moon was hovering over the golden stream… it was laughing at me, in somewhat of a taunting laugh. I was angry at it… for a moment anyway… it’s been hard to stay angry at anything in my stream as of late. I’ve come to a rather new view point in time, it seems after all that “I” control time… I am not a victim of time. Time is endless, I am endless, you are endless. Running out of time is a ridiculous notion, however the power of thinking such a thing, well… that’s no joke. And so with so much time on my hands… I thought it might be time for a costume change to celebrate this new awareness. We’ll see. I thought I might spend some time outside the tower and shed some old skin these coming months, just before I release the “Hadder” record. Call it a celebration of life inside the golden stream, a celebration of me and of this journey, john evermore, Hadder and Diamonds Hadder. I suppose there comes a time we must all leave the shadows of the tower. I’m working on some new imagery for Hadder.

Other Quick things: Look for a new page added to the website soon, called “Concept Art”. I will be uploading various conceptual artwork for the world of Evermore and Diamonds Hadder. Puzzle pieces for the grand picture. It will happen over time here in the winter months of BOK. I’ve been quietly spending a lot of time on this and I have amassed a fairly extensive collection of conceptual artwork to date. It’s growing by the months. It’s hard to keep up with all the little things and strange ideas that cross my mind, as they relate to this place that never was. They say a picture is worth 1000 words, so hopefully these manifestations in visual form will help paint the picture as well. Just another thing to help tell the story of “Diamonds Hadder”.

Finally, May you find comfort in the golden stream yourself. From the hills of Remrod to the land down under… you have time, you are time. You’re not defined by anyone but yourself. Though they try and try to put you in a category of sorts, you my little friend… are equipped and prepared and are everything you’ll ever need to climb the tower of your own dreams. Keep your eyes on the road friend… and keep walking. Enjoy the weather, storms and sun alike.



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