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Gallies and the last Winter

diamonds hadder the tower kind winters promo video

Image: Some artwork I did regarding the Gallies, they are a new tribe of nomads I envisioned for the Hadder tale. I mentioned them a few weeks ago, they will show up in the next 16 stories later in the year... or next year.... Details are a bit sketchy at the moment, but I think they reside up in the Hills somewhere between Europa and the sanded gateway.

Good morning, the end of march approaches. A little Hadder update today.

Music: I started mixing the final track for the record this week. Actually, blew some speakers in my car doing listening tests. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Ha. The dead rabbit is sounding pretty grand. It’s bringing a lot of emotions to the surface of my life, but, I suppose that’s what art is all about. You’ll understand when you see the video. So yes, as I’m nearing the final days of tracking I’ve already started the timeline for the Dead Rabbit video. Once the timeline starts… well.. just a matter of filling in the Data. I hope to have a full band to the shoot some of the video sequences, we’ll see how that goes. I’m pretty sure you will see some of the characters from the animations, show up in the music video, singing a thing or two. That’s the plan as of late.

Narration: On the topic of “The Warmoths” and this latest video animation. These were some of the first characters that came to me for the Diamonds Hadder story. There was a day I was building a vocal booth, chopping wood and construction walls in the tower. Kinda like my potato mountain in “Close encounters of the third Kind”, if you know what I mean. When I finally capped the booth off, I opened a track and began vocalizing inside the booth… testing it out. I starting singing a song called “The Warmoths”. Personally, I had never heard the word before and not really sure why I started singing it… but that’s where it started. They became a part of the Diamonds Hadder story then, this story that I’m writing in between making music and digging myself out of the ditch I climbed in a few years back. This field note #3, was the first real mention of these creatures. I imagined Hadder sitting on a hill talking about them. Most of the story comes from his journals… his field notes for Master Zabble, mostly written during the time he was growing up at Killwaughter in the hills of BOK. I mention more about then In the next note as well, at the time I thought it was important to describe these characters early as they will have a very important role in this story. I’ve also commissioned a new piece of artwork this field note, a few weeks ago, although it’s not ready yet. Perhaps I’ll share that next week. We’ll see what Lord Jules comes up with.

Well that’s it this week. I have a lot to do still. It is spring now, although winter is really holding on to the hills of BOK this year. She can try, but the flowers they are coming… no matter what. She does this sometimes, that winter is very stubborn. I’m looking forward to some sun, and the green and yellow hills that dress my old mountain. Here’s a few passages from “The ballad of the Dead Rabbit”.

“Take this heart, take this heart I offer it to you.

But don’t you stop… don’t you stop till it all burns down.

Hail the wolf, hail the wolf who rides the wind.

Who brought you fire.. just to make you sing.

Bring your hell, oh bring your hell to me…

I’ve been waiting here on this hill I called home.

I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen rain too

It doesn’t matter no more.. I’m done running to save myself from you.

Who goes there pest of my canyon,

I come with news from the end.

Who dares pass these hills of sandstone,

shall he know the wrath of time.

Sins they fall like winter leaves

Call me the master of the weeds

Tending the gardens once a week

Shame some things we can never keep

So I tried to hold it all in

Things I could never be or say

This precious gift of life

Still buries in the end.

I play the fool, you guard the gates

We let the wind decide our fates

Jesters a wolf, who lies in wait

And he called me…. the dead rabbit

I heard the song of the blackbird,

singing in the field of blowing wind

Did no wrong did that black bird learn

Oh he fell, but didn’t burn.

he called me…. the dead rabbit."



Video: A video narration of the 3rd field note, "The Warmoths".

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