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Diamonds are for evermore.

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

"Days we drifted over land and broken hills afoot,

A small troop led by a child who held a power misunderstood,

of destiny and will, they travel under the holy arch,

“they can not kill what they can not see” we repeated as we marched."

I read a lot.

A few things on this 7th moon cycle:

I've been visiting with the child of the sun again. Such a nice tale that I'm sure now will come to see the light of day, no pun intended, later in the months ahead I suppose. On the topic of light and dark and good will and faith... I'm stepping into uncharted lands to some degree anyway these fateful days. I mean, I can see there was a road here but the growth of brush is so dense and distorted that every move forward is met vigorously with thorns and wires that want nothing more than to snare me like a rabbits foot in that metal trap. My rabbit is with me, in the dark, just out of sight... ha.. grunting like a scary prop in my own 'tourist trap". Remember that scene in that movie when the plastic cast finally closes over the mouth, do you?, of course not... but I do. That's how I feel, just one last breath here as I cross over into the lands beyond the hill top. OHHH.. Evermore, ahhh... where have you been my friend.

On a serious note, I was talking to a random traveler at a bar last night on the outskirts of BOK, a place called "The Tavern", ha, quite the original name don't you think. He was talking to me about his castle and a maiden who worked for him, a shy girl who never complained and went about her business taking orders and helping around the place.. running the grounds day to day.. doing her job rather well and with much appreciation. He told me she worked for him for about 7 years but that she was leaving him suddenly, when I asked why, he said she actually had her own castle and kingdom and that she had to spend more time there to tend to things of her own. A secret she kept from him, although really it wasn't much of a secret, more so an unspoken thing. Considering all she did, that was hard for him, her leaving and all. He said she never mentioned it and that he wished her well and had a great respect for her despite being in a pickle and having to hire new help. He spoke no ill will towards her and actually went out of his way to say how much he admired her and would be there to help her if she needed anything from him. So why on earth am I mentioning this? Well, I wish people well... it's my nature and it's not a nature I find often on the trail. I seem to notice that most people have plans for you, and try to fit you into a box they built for you... out of some need they have to exist themselves. I'll get to the point... So, if for any reason you wonder about your own path in life and the people who are around you on the journey, ask yourself if they truly wish you well when it counts. My advice would be to try to keep as many people as possible around you that answer "YES" to that question. A few of the "No's" are ok too... they add a little flavor and entertainment along that long road to your field of dreams. Sorry for being so philosophical today, but I'm shooting a video for 'Stargazer" this weekend and my blood is running thin and fast, as are my wits. The ghost of sleep is trying to catch me, but I'm running hard and fast and without apology. Don't ask, 'Yes".

- evermore


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