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City of Fire: The Process of Passion.

After three days of initial tracking and listening to mixes... I'm close to completing the Hadder version of "City Of Fire" which was one of 8 songs that was just about ready to release under the TOR project that I was a part of. I intend to go through this very creative process with all of these tracks. I've started from scratch and tried my very best to stay clear of the original music that was underneath the rather extensive "Vocal and keyboard" studio tracks other than wearing the hand cuffs of remaining in key and tempo of course as the vocals kind of dictate that to some degree anyway. It's a great challenge and I'm up for it. Surprisingly the vocals and keyboard tracks sound fairly interesting alone and I considered just completing them with an orchestra but there's just something about a loud guitars and drums that I love and I wanted to take these stories on the road, so, I opted for a traditional skeleton. Doing it this way allows me to bring back a lot of the lyrics, and vocals and choir ideas that were left on the cutting room floor and to sculpt around them musically to help support some of those ideas... it is difficult to paint the canvas under the details of the track, but I'm having fun with it and that's really what this whole project is all about. I'm trying to get this first painting done before I leave for the red lakes... wish me luck.

Remember when this was fun? Oh yeh... that's why we're doing this.

Well I remember.

"So we race the sun, born to run... until the midnight comes."

Video info: IMPORTANT to note: NO ONE WAS harmed in this video, these are "Fire Jumpers" and stunt men. Everyone has a passion in life, including these people who seem to flirt with death, so here is a little taste of fire to some of my recent "City of Fire: brush strokes. It's an audio sketch and idea for now as I'm still tracking this and yet to apply the Code Break I stumbled upon late last night, but It's fun to release clips and moments along the way, makes looking back a little more interesting. Every painting or song deserves a journal that documents the trials and tribulations of the finished product and the processes that molded and ultimately defined it. I have notes and demo tracks that go way back on this song, I hope to release a more detailed video on the process, but we'll see how that all pans out. Let me see if I actually like the song when it's done first.


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