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Bella and the secret door

diamonds hadder the tower kind winters promo video

Image: Some artwork I did that was inspired by the Field Note called "Medlins Door and not another more".

Good day lords and ladies of the lands. February marches along here in BOK. Time certainly is flying by. A little update on things.

Narrations: Well narrations do seem to be the main focus this start of 23. How nice that I’m almost done with them. 2 more completed this week and they were quite special little tales in the Hadder story. Lord Zabble and Skylark found their way to Master Medlins secret chamber and discovered Mattix along the way. It was so nice to hear it all come to life. Sometimes I can’t even believe that stuff came out of me… I don’t even recall where it came from… I was just writing word after word and there it was. As the narrations are completed, I’m starting to see the next Hadder record… it’s there in between the narrations. I can hear the songs. Now that all my characters are on the move in their own little ways, I’ve been painting some larger brush strokes to connect some dots… thinking big picture with this tale. I’ve been taking a lot of notes during these first weeks of 23… lots of new little things happening with these characters, but I cant get to the new tales yet, need to catch up with what I started before I add the new stories that I’m thinking about. Regarding the new narrations I added this week, including the one posted below, I like the relationship of Skylark and Zabble… it happened quite accidentally. Unlike Ezra who I think is a little fiercer and youthful I suppose, skylark has a timid teddy bear quality to her. Perhaps all the years in the castle have tamed her just a bit. She’s afraid of everything. Ezra was inspired by my dog, Bella, a japanese TOSA Inu. Art does really imitate life… you have no idea. Bella is as cool as Ezra and Skylark, and as timid. Ha. Anyway, next week I should be able to finish up the final 2 narrations, “The Letter” and “The Coin Book”. The story is somewhat haging on a ledge at that point… with Lord Skynn and Diamonds Hadder on route to Europa.. and Lord Zabble back at Kilwaughter about to face his own adventures. Before I continue with this tale, I have every intention to switch gears to the music side of this endeavor and release the first record. That is the plan here in early 23. Almost ready to make the switch.

Music: Most of the week, as I was recording narrations with Lito Biskernate, I was also tracking choirs for the last track on the record. New choirs that I had been hearing. I have a working mix of dead rabbit that I haven’t released yet, which is pretty close to done… just a few little vocal days left on it. It’s a fairly epic sounding track and a closer for that part of my life. The dead rabbit on that old hill. A finale of sorts. I am looking forward to all this work I’ve been doing finally being available on all the normal platforms.. for the most part it’s just been a little quiet secret as I was working, without any real promotion or push to expose it to people at all. Other than the Stargazer video, which was just a cover song I did before I started working on the record. It’s all a process, like anything in life.

Last words: I had a dream earlier in the week… It woke me in the middle of the night, I was rehearsing with some band in a large building, like a storage area. There was a moment in the dream when I was running back and forth on the stage jumping on these large canopies... filled with air… it was the strangest thing, I was almost flying left to right. I have odd dreams sometimes. The highlight of the dream was this moment when the new guitarist was kind of fiddling with his guitar, noodling around as he was still plugged in and loud… I started singing this strange song with a very distinct and simple melody, just me and him. It was like a strange Viking campfire song… it was so pretty and beautiful. I remember the whole building of people kind of stopped. It was a cool moment. I woke just at that moment… still humming this melody, I quickly grabbed my phone humming and recorded it before it left my body. I hope to use it for the next record. Why mention this? Well, why not. I think our dreams are more than just dreams. And in this world, a little dream can go a long way. I don’t know the reason for them, but they must come from somewhere… they just must. I don’t think I’ll be flying on stage but that little melody… hmmm… I wonder about it. I wonder where it really came from. Anyway, good day to you in February… the winter sun is a little brighter each day now. Spring is already on the march, just below the surface of your world. Imagine that. Dream on.


Image: A narration for "Medlins door and Not Another More", the moment Zabble finally discovers Medlins secret library. More at


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