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Aquiline and The Monsoon Birthmoon

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Image: Some artwork I did for a place near the great Hoshendra tree.

Good afternoon lords and ladies of the land…

It’s a stormy week in September and some new things and old things are taking place as I’m close to ending the writing process on this first Hadder record.

The day is getting away from me, I was hoping to upload a little video sampler clip of the dead rabbit track today, but instead I’ll settle for a little update on some things.

Music: Yes the rabbit tale is growing grandeur by the day… I’ve rounded the Solo section now and I’m closing in on the “out” of the song. A rather epic build out that brings back a lot of the earlier elements of the track… in a classic style. There’s some opera in there and some lovely crowd chants as well… “Dig Dig” they say. The one big obstacle left for me in completing the track is some lyrics that need some matching poetry for the front of the track… this is something that unfortunately could take a day or a week or two… depending on what words are coming down the golden stream at any given time. The melody is mapped, which is half the battle.

Website and Artwork: Yes the news section is getting a little bogged down, I’ll be doing a little cleaning and archiving in the near future to remedy this bogging. I’ve been doing a lot of artwork myself for the hadder world… aside from all the commissioned work I’ve been dabbling in. I’m having a lot of fun creating the world of evermore and the landscape that Hadder finds himself in.. you’ll probably see a lot more of this artwork and some of those commissions in the coming year. As I close of the writing process and begin a whole new set of goals, the book, a light show, rehearsals, videos, merch…. These will be the things I focus on in 2023.

Other things: last night I saw the name, Aquiline Aguiar, in a dream. I woke at 3:30 and wrote it down. I don’t know what it means but I thought it was rather odd of a name to suddenly imagine in a dream. Anyway, it’s three weeks in the golden stream now and I just never know what could happen each day… I’m literally strolling around in the matrix. The more I tap into this stream it seems the more I seem to pull away from the outside world. It’s more of a focused attention on the craft and the creation. Thoughts are just so precious these days… you really have to pay attention to what it is your seeing and feeling and thinking. A full moon is coming soon… my birth moon, and I’m all wrapped up in a monsoon swirl of ones and zeros…. Living in my butterfly world at the main gates to evermore.

If there is no path left, or you don’t like the path before you as it’s worn out and oversaturated, well…. Just cross over into the woods my friends and start swinging your own blade for a new path. I promise you wont regret it and there might even be an old abandoned house on the way… to rest a warm by the fire. Be well. Thanks for listening.



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