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A world surrounded by pens.

A first little update of 2022 as I’ve been warming the lower tower and moving things around again.

New Music: I’m in the process of tracking “Long is the Road”, hey what do you know… a shorter song. I’m enjoying that notion. I hope that translates into the track being completed in a few weeks. I still have snowy mountains in my brain… but last night I blew the dust of the board and connected myself to the digital spike. I’m alive again. “Rivers End” will get a mixing day coming up here this January, I’ll probably do it during a rest day from new tracking’s. A mix generally takes about 5 hours or so… depending on the song. Looking forward to adding that track to the player. I’m super excited about the “River End” graphic of me on the boat riding into the falls with the ravens overhead… it’s a great representation of the lyric and how I feel at times… that graphic has been in my head for years. Other than that, a few days work on “The Crying Game” and ‘Dead Rabbit” and I should be able to sit back and listen to the first rough draft of Record #1. Wish me luck. I’ll post lyrics to “Long is the Road” in the coming days. Very cool track.

The Hadder Novel: I’m writing the next field note, I won’t give away the title just yet… but Zabble and Skylark are still in the newly discovered “Master Medlins” secret library… now that the mysterious knocking noise has been all sorted out, Zabble is sure to discover a few new clues as to why medlin was hiding all these secrets. Meanwhile, in the not too distant future, Diamonds Hadder and Lord Skynn are still on route the Gates of Europa and Diamonds first meeting with his mother. I decided that I had a few things that needed to be told before I returned to that part of the story, but I’m almost there. A few little books and coins and waterfall tales to go before I return to Europa and the people in Hadders dreams.

Other little things: My ideas were always so much grander than simple notions… always larger than what I could create… I’ve always felt like I was composing something so much larger than what other people could see or cared to see…. For that reason I never felt a need to try to explain it….. I just went ahead and proceeded to do what I could and hoped I would get a chance to complete the visions before I lost control of the ship..… I wasn’t upset about that, I’ve just always seen things in odd storyteller ways… and didn’t expect others to understand things that they didn’t need to understand… being a singer was something but it wasn’t the end all for me, it was just an incredible tool, brush or color on the palate..… the words I wrote always had other thing attached to them, visions, places, people, it was never just a song to me. Vocals were simply a string running through a dense landscape of paper dolls and puppet hands. There was always so much more to the delicate fabrics I was crafting than a simple string. Perhaps it was a curse that I couldn’t simply sing a song and be done with it… or perhaps it was a blessing…I suppose time will tell. Regarding words and stories… I’ve written many songs that seem like Novels and I’ve written conceptual records before… but this is my first attempt at a complete novel… the task is a bit daunting. I’m noticing that when the ideas come you really must stop and listen and make note of them instantly, otherwise they simply move on. More come of course, but best to grab each one quickly… they are all so important. I suppose this is true for all things in life, all dreams are ideas on the wind… and weather or not you carry a pen with you, well, that’s your call my friend. I live in a word surrounded by pens and I’ve methodically placed them everywhere that I roam. Look around you… what do you see?

The Stargazer Crew: As I stated last year, the stargazer crew was scheduled to record some new “Classic” cover songs, similar to our Stargazer cover. Studio time was pushed back till this year and now I’ve received word that Jan 15th is the new tracking day in LA. From what I understand we will be tracking ‘Headless Cross” and ‘Rainbow in the Dark”… and we’ll prob shoot videos for them as well. I’m hoping we can get Johnny Heinz on the tracks as well, but we’ll see.. I’m not really sure if someone else is slotted to do the bass tracks. I’ll be filming a lot of the process and releasing little clips along the way, so that should be a lot of fun and a nice little side project as I put the icing on the Hadder record and live show and start rehearsals here in the early part of 2022.

I suppose that’s all for today… I’m still feeling the effects of mountain withdrawals.. have a great first week of 2022. What a great year this could be, bring a pen.



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