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A Hadderous Halloween Trick or Treat

diamonds hadder the tower kind winters promo video

Image: Some concept art I did of the Diamonds Hadder story. Might be a shirt for sale later.

Good morning, it’s Friday… a few little scary things.

I’ve returned from a second little adventure in the mountains… just in time for a short Halloween celebration. I rather enjoy the holiday months. Here in LA we have a rather delicious seasonal Eggnog which is brewed locally and always brightens my day when it is released this time of year. I’m stocked up.

This morning I was knee deep in my vocal exercises when suddenly a little holiday classic came out. My routines each morning focus on dull and drab note scales combined with me singing over heavy completed musical tracks. It’s a nice mix as I find that the 2 are very different styles of vocalizing and both seem to round out my voice in different ways, a mix of balance and control and basically all bets off. Singing scales and having thoughts have no place in Live performance singing for me… if I’m thinking than I’m not singing. So these live tracks that I sing to each morning are almost like rehearsals and they seem to jazz me up each morning.

Sometimes when I’m singing over these tracks… I create new songs… it’s fun and I get a lot of ideas from these sessions. I also record them all just as a journal… I consider them the building blocks for for little towers I’ve yet to erect.

And sometimes I just have fun with it… considering it’s almost Halloween I thought I would play around this morning with some lyrics for “A Nightmare Before Christmas”, just for fun, to a song in the Ramsay/Evermore collection of tracks. I did this really quick this morning... vocal freestyle one takers on a Loopy app I use and threw it together with some of my favorite holiday video. Enjoy a little holiday classic scenery.

That’s all for today… so many things I’m thinking about and working towards…. concept art for the Hadder Book, Chapters, Rehearsals, new Music, Stage Things, Videos, LA Advertising Things, Mixes, Merch… and so much artwork I hardly know what to do with it all… I can only guess that all these things will meet in the middle at some point to help define where I’m heading with all this fun stuff.

Well, enjoy your Halloween. What a beautiful Autumn it’s been so far… still a few trips left for me and then I’ll be back in 408 for the video and release grind.

Farewell out there, little rabbits.



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