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1756: The year of Wolfgangus

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

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Good morning. I woke up early and chased the moon into the city for my daily singing routines… a little crescent magic thing it was today staring at me in the black sky over the city. I was going to give an update tomorrow on my doings but what the hell… It’s Mozarts birthday today, 1756 was a good year, I was listening to a piece of his music called “Paradise” this morning while I was sitting with the moon. I couldn’t help but sing a little opera this morning… it’s a nice stretch for me early in the morning. I put a little clip of my morning squabbles below. For all you Birthday folks, slightly past and almost present, Happy birthday to you.

So what’s going on:

New Music: Well, long is the road my friends. Yes, I’m on the trail of this track and all is going well. It might be the final song for this record, so I’m spending a little extra time on it. I’ve had a few guitar sessions with it, some drum and bass sessions and yesterday was a big vocal day, resigning the chorus to some new guitar work. I’m turning a new leaf so to say, focusing on the production side of this little number. It has a lot of promise as far as a song goes, so I’m giving it a little justice and space to become something special. Who knows maybe I’ll go on a run and have some time to finish up “Child of the Sun’ as well. Wouldn’t that be great.

Moving: So yes, I have been considering moving my tracking chambers. It’s not something I look forward to doing, the labor of it, but the thought of it being closer to the Klipso ponds… well… I am looking forward to that. I’ve been moving things around in anticipation of such a move… and that will delay rehearsals if I do such a thing. I have reasons, all of which won’t stop the record from being finished and released. I’m not sure yet, but with a new year upon us… I’m looking deeply to reinvent the processes in which I work. In a marathon you take it slow and steady… up hill and down hill…. The finish line is so far away that you train yourself to simply focus on the ground under your feet… knowing you will arrive there soon enough. Hadder is a lot like that, I’m planning on a very long journey and Shoring up the foundation is very important to me. We’ll see… if it does happen it will take place in the next month. It’s a behind the scenes kind of thing and shouldn’t interfere with production and progress of the record.

Field Notes: So now that the new ‘Field Notes:” page is designed and waiting for audio narrations… I’ve been busy creating a little place to do that work. Fine tuning FX and Sound libraries for the task at hand.. I built a rather nice Vocal Booth in my living quarters, complete with an old magic door I found in the hills from an old monastery skeleton… singers do such a thing.. it’s like buying a car to me. A necessity of my existence. It’s always been that way. I purposefully been holding out on the latest field note as it’s been just sitting there on the tip on my tongue while I reorganize my working environment. I have big plans for this tale… and I’ve gotten off the line nice and quick… so now I’m settling in for the longer road ahead. I can see where this is headed and it’s rather exciting.

Little things: Lastly, just want to say thank you. I’ve had a few emails as of late that were very inspirational to me.. kind words and thoughts that mean a lot to me, regarding my music and the Hadder vision and body of work to date. When I was young, not much inspired me, other than music and words and stories… I would write letters to fan clubs and read record liner sleeves regularly. I have discussed this before, but I actually created my own alphabet and transcribed my favorite songs in a journal that only I could read. I guess that’s how my mind worked even at a young age. I admire art and appreciate the people who created it before me, I also give then credit… all of them… as Hadder and my own crazy creations wouldn’t even exist had they not first cut a path before me to follow. So, thank YOU. The greatest gift for me, is not in writing a song or creating my art, it’s knowing that it might someday inspire someone else… to dream… and to cut their own path as they see fit.

Well, that’s all for now. I have a new mix of “Long is the Road” I’ll be listening to this afternoon. Be well and safe under our crescent moon. Happy birthdays.



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