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The Wolf and the Fire

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

diamonds hadder the tower kind winters promo video

Image Info: Some Diamonds Hadder artwork from comic artist and illustrator Julius Stroehlein. I love a good story. Amazing artist. Check him out online @juliusstroehlein_artist

Good morning, it’s Friday and the fog is thick this weekend in a good way. Which means a quick little update while I frolic in the hills above BOK.

Music: I’m steady into the “Long is the Road”… it’s just about done and I’m thinking quietly on the final “Ballad of the Dead rabbit” song edits while I do a lot of hilltop traveling with Ezra. I’ve been thinking about some piano for the track… as I play a lot of piano in my spare time. It’s the final song to close it all out and I might really strip it down to the simple lyric which always meant so much to me.

“I saw a wolf last night… in a dream… it rode the smoke from the fire that I set… it spoke in tongues I’m yet to understand, but one thing was clear, it said that we’re… headed for the end.”

It was a lyric I wrote one afternoon as the sun was setting on the hillside. I had a strange feeling that there was a giant wave about to crash on me… little did I know it was a fire that was racing to the hills. It hadn’t started yet, but I could feel it. I didn’t understand the lyrics then, but I saw a wolf in the clouds above the hills… I was having strange dreams then… in my room in the loft, when Mr. Evermore first showed his face to me around that time. Somehow I have to bring this all together, Diamonds Hadder, Tor, The Fire, The story of a who and a why I long to create this piece of art.. all in the wake of so much lose that fell on me during the start of this. This is the best kind of art… art with honest purpose, art with closure and finality. Anyway, lets just say I’m steering the ship straight ahead and enjoying some fog these days in “almost” June.

Stargazer Crew Covers: Just finalizing all my vocals now that I have the master tracks. This is just fun side stuff between all the Hadder work. It’s great for keeping my voice in shape on those lonely nights when I’m burned out and just want to sing… for the sake of singing. It also gives me an opportunity to study and learn more tricks from the masters, which I can never get enough of. These 2 new cover songs will be out this year… so not much to say other than I’m tracking and it will be released soon.

Art Commissions: Behind the scenes of the Hadder world, there is art. Commissions are taking place for various pieces of art for the story of Diamonds Hadder. To some degree the photography associated with Hadder is an art and almost painting like. I don’t really see Diamonds Hadder as a band, I see it more of an uncompleted story. A thing. A visual. A fable. An idea sketched into the brain… not to be taken to seriously, but at the same time… to take you away maybe to that place when you need a simple break. A break from the NRA and the Monsters overseas who kill woman and children for land, and then justify it. Little ole me, I’m a story teller iz all… painting pictures with sounds and color. I dabble in the dark and the light, the hope and despair and the happy and the sad. Today I share a piece of art from an amazing artist who is doing a few pieces for me, I’m honored that he is helping me tell the story of Diamonds Hadder with his very own talents. I’m forever appreciative to all the artist that are working with me on various pieces of art and I’ll be sharing it all along the way in time.

I suppose that’s it for today, I’ll keep it short and foggy. Embrace the people around you today, they are precious… and then go look out the window, lots out there to see.




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