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The Tower

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

diamonds hadder the tower kind winters promo video

Good day to you, here is a little Friday update on Hadder progress. There’s a lot of music floating around my world these days. I thought I would start with some personal things and then dive into the music things.

Little things: My niece Sienna decided to do a little Tarot reading for me earlier this week… god bless her for that, and wouldn’t you know, “XVI The Tower” card was drawn. The old “Change and Shift” card.


“Lightning strikes the tower, and just like that, nothing will ever be the same. Weather it’s shattering a rigid ego, or collapsing a long held dream or relationship…. The TOWER moves fast and the message is clear: Things must change. This card comes with a strict dose of medicine that doesn’t come easy. It will serve you well to surrender to this mighty intervention. Do not fight it or question its purpose. You are here to learn important lessons and release attachments that don’t serve. Sometimes your castle must burn to the ground… in order to for you to see new possibilities. Trust the rebuild will edge you toward a truer self or even enlightenment.”

Something happened to me 2 nights ago… I can’t explain it… but I suspect that the power of this Tower card was in full display. I wrote a rather elaborate story about it that I will share at another time. It’s a long tale about crossroads, choices, flying insects, rocks and ownership. Or perhaps it will just be for me. We’ll see. If you’ve paid any attention to my blog the last year… I think you might understand the significance of this card, as I do. Thank you lady Sienna for this reading.

New Music: Ok, well I’m juggling 3 songs right now. All at various levels of completion… it’s nice to go back and forth during sessions on each. They all serve different projects, each with their own timeline. First, regarding the Stargazer crew… I’m tracking vocals for the Dio cover song “Rainbow in the Dark”. It should take about 8 hours or so I’m guessing… two 4 hour vocal sessions generally will do the trick on a song that is already written. I might do the first session this weekend.

"Kind Winters” is the next installment for the Ramsay/Evermore project… I’ve put a little video clip below. I hope to finish this track within the next week. Wish me luck. And finally, “Long is the Road”, my closer for the Hadder record is still floating around. Between the tower and some other things going on in my life, it’s a slow process through these three paintings I’m working on… but I’ll reach the falls soon enough on each. I see the finish line for the Hadder record in late spring… so as long as I stay on the path… I'll be ok. There’s a lot of details from here to there, changes and shifts, but I’m still drifting down the same stream.



Some random video to a very early audio sketch of Kind Winters, first takes.


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