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The Lake at Verna

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Good afternoon lords and ladies.. Why oh why do we build.. do we carve.. do we #create I find myself on the edge of a Great Lake this morning, the Lake of Verna.. traversing an ancient wooden dock with crooked boards and creaky nails.. the waves are splashing up underneath my feet and I couldn’t be happier about it.. what a delightful storm.. the salt has me drenched and it’s dripping from my jaw line into the cracks of my already bloody smile.. I love the taste of it and the frantic sense of such a moment. Walking toward your dream despite everything around you trying desperately to grab your attention and distract you from the steps you have to take. I seem to live for such moments. I fear nothing as I’ve already lost everything... perhaps wits included. Of course it’s foolish to try things that seem foolish.. weary to try weary things that could fail miserably.. frightening to stray from the normal and crazy to follow strange notions and peculiar ideas.. I’m certain Edison and the Wright brothers felt odd walking the crooked blanks of there dreams. Fuck it right. Move with an open mind and stay clear of the close minded mentality of the fearful naysayers that would have your feet cemented and still, your heart tied up and your mind numbed and drugged away from wonder and hope. Find your own bridge and start walking... good luck. Walk the blanks of your own vessel. #diamondshadder #inspiration


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