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Kind Winters: The Games and the Dam

A little random Tuesday night update. Very unlike me to write words on a Tuesday night. Normally I'm locked in the tower on Tuesdays clipping spider webs and listening to Klipso hum through the castle. But so much is going on that I want to keep with the plan and put it into words... i think that matters. Thing about plans is, they change, so having a written journal week to week I find... well, it's like keeping your hand on the rudder. Steady she goes.

New Music: I've been busy tracking "Long is the Road” and it's coming out rather nicely. I probably will have some video clips with some music samples coming soon... like I did with Rivers End. I don't have much more to report other than Lord Ramsey sending me a few more tracks on the new music front. I've been whistling to some of that material while I work... there might be a song in there called "Day of the Witch" and "The Haunting", but who really knows... until I power up the microphone and scream a few syllables, I never really know. I'm hard at work manning the flood gates of new ideas... waiting for miracles on the wind with bloody knuckles and a tireless grasp at the ready. I'm a guitarist this week and probably next as I search for all the delicate threads and puzzle pieces on long is the road. Fitting title for the last push to complete this body of art. I'm tired of writing already, so ready for rehearsals. Thursday night we start tracking Bass with Johnny Heinz. Look for updated versions of the tracks for the Hadder record periodically as we go down the list of current songs in the player. I'll add updates to the news page as we go through the process. I should have a proper mix of Rivers End up up on the player soon as well.

The Hadder Novel: I see Master Zabble found Medlins letter... was wondering when that was going to happen. It's quite the little assortment of characters that are brewing in the evermore world. Something tells me that Mattix is a little more than a magic wooden cat... and that perhaps he might play a role in some larger twists and turns in the future. Sneaky little cat he iz... and I wonder why Medlin is so concerned with him "NOT" leaving the Library. hmmm we'll see. I'm sure we'll learn a great deal more once Zabble makes some tea and reads the 8th book on the 4th shelf. Meanwhile Diamonds Hadder is sleeping in the woods... in the future..... he's dreaming, and lord skynn can hear him in his sleep... lord Skynn seems very concerned about what Hadder is dreaming. He seems to be talking to someone or something in his sleep. We'll get to that in the coming months.

On a side note, I will be revamping the field notes page with larger graphic strips... similar to the way they appear in the "News" section when I release them... and how they appear on the front page. I also intend to narrate them myself with little audio clips that you can play... for those people who just want to sit back and listen to them. Maybe I'll add some keyboards to the narrations... we'll see. I'm excited about doing all that... I think it will be fun to listen to them in the way that I hear them.

Other little things: I wont lie, I'm a bit overwhelmed at the moment. The work is all so towering and I feel like I'm on the verge of cracking up. I actually kind of feel like welcoming such a thing into my world. A little crack just to ease the pressure of the dam. A simple reminder that Rome wasn't built in a day is a pleasant thought as I get ready for wildcard weekend. I do enjoy the games. I'm a bit sentimental you know. Somewhere in the Eastern Sierras, under the ice and snow.... in a quiet mountainside lake... there is a coin now... at the bottom of that dear and special place.. it's with the dream now.... guarded by the raven of the dead tree. Better him than a better me could be. I hope the winters are kind. Life imitates art and art imitates life. What a delicate and beautiful dance, huh. Oh yeh, almost forgot, I have a new throne... maybe you'll see it soon. Pretty little ornate sitting thing. I think maybe it found me, although it lets me believe I found it. An old throne holds the memory of it's master forever. I could use a few more ghosts in the tower.

The Stargazer Crew: Saturday is a tracking day for the new cover songs with the Stargazer Crew... with Lord Black and the boys. Will be a very busy and long day of tracking and filming. Perhaps a little photoshoot with Johnny and the Mystery Machine could take place that day, we'll see. A stargazer crew photo for the new releases might be nice as well. hmmm... I like that idea. We'll see.

I suppose that’s all for today… back to work.



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