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Once upon a dreary when: Waking from a dream.

Video Info: Some audio from the soon to be released "City of Fire" played along to some moving images of creation at it's finest. Be careful... it might make you want to jump.

I think it’s interesting how art imitates life and how life imitates art. I woke Saturday morning from the most amazing dream. I won’t get into the details of it.. but wow, haven’t had a dream like that in a long time. I think it had to do with a new cowhide rug birthday gift I received that I have been sleeping on.. there’s just something about it, it’s kind of a magic pretty. I love when words basically write themselves almost as quickly as I can think them. I have had moments in front of paper with an anxious pen, under the gun, and couldn’t write a damn thing… but occasionally I wake to a storm of words that almost feel like I’m reading them rather than thinking about them. In those moments, I have no direction or thought of what they are, they simply are. I spent the weekend surrounded by heavy creation… so many things I’m trying to cap off before I leave for the lakes. I really have no time for new words or songs considering all the current pieces I’m already knee deep in and close to releasing. I’ll just have to document my Saturday morning flood of words for something in the future. I often talk about sketches as the building blocks to finished pieces, well this is the very beginning of something, kind of like when fish first grew legs and decided to leave the water for new adventures on land and earth. Kind of. It's a start. Enjoy some audio and video from the "City of Fire" above and new Lyrics from a dream below.

Hell Fall (Once upon a dreary when)

Once upon a magic

One upon a rhythm

Once upon a somewhere

It’s out there…

In between the lines

Once upon a something

Once upon a lie

The silver curtain cracks enough

to let you see behind

Oh dear.. what you’ll find

If you only dare to walk there.. sometime

Once upon a nightmare

Once upon the shame

Open up a little heaven

Its 11 on the door that somewhere came

on the way to midnight

On the way to hell

There’s peace in the tower

But the bell doesn’t ring

till June she sings

I hope that you can tell

In a little madness

In a little might

Once upon a crazy

Lifes little goodnight

On a feather and a dream

Fly to meet the maker

On the weather or the why not

Lost before your found starts

Watch your step off the edge

To touch the diamonds red

We walk the lines of who we seem

Past the doorways that we leave..

Once upon a dreary when

Where forever met the end

Oh just to be

Or never to be.. again

Once upon a weary when

Where the break it met the devils bend

Oh just to be

You’ll have to see you self

It was never if or never then

There’s truth inside a lie that tells.. it all

Past well the best we have is hell fall

Hell fall

After all is said and done (that)

Through the doors we left to run (back)

It’s true the river met the end.. there

Hell fall

After all the ends are tied up

The whispers said she never lied but

The book.. it never took… only to read The End.



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