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Low tides.

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Tuesday on the heels of Zabbles big turkey extravaganza. I’ve been trying to do 3 updates a week generally as there is a lot going on in the Hadder world. Auditions, new music material, Website, European Press Releases for Stargazer, mountain travels, headless cross covers, book chapters… tour bus… it’s a bit daunting to say the least. Thank heavens it’s all actually enjoyable and rewarding.

Holiday Storms: Real life can be a bit disheartening for me at times it’s true, human natures can be a bit unintentionally destructive… where does lady time go. I’m pondering her today with my gremlin and my ashy relics. The tic and the toc. I wish things were different… I do.. like a drop in the water who’s ripples go on forever, I too seem adrift in the current of circumstances beyond my control at times. And true to it's nature and it's waves that forever gain momentum, at least until they hit the shore again in a splash, I feel helpless at times in its path. Tumbling in the waves. Wishing on shattered dreams. A silly broken coin operated toy left on the floor and thrown out when the battery died. Oh, you can stand in front of the ripples and the fire… but you can’t stop them… a tear can help some nights… but the rock that set it off still sits on the ocean floor. It always will. It takes time… but heavy rocks do move down there… so I’m told… and so I keep walking the beach at sunrise… to see what the tides left. That’s me... and that's what Diamonds Hadder is all about. A tireless hope after every storm.

Speaking of tides..

New Music: I’m a drummer this week. Spent the last few days tracking “Rivers End”, almost done. Should be a real holiday treat. coming soon. Maybe an early stocking stuffer. Me and Ramsay are planning a photoshoot Friday to commemorate all the hard work we’ve done on some of the new material we’ve collaborated on. Should make an interesting snap. I’ll share of course.

Auditions: All I can say is, each week the pictures becomes a little clearer... and the final cast should be together before I take my Christmas tree down. That’s the hope anyway. I’m so humbled by the people I’ve meet during this process, every email, every character. It’s quite the justice league I’m assembling.

The Novel: I have a big Field Note that is an important part of the story, it’s about the waterfall and the dreams Mr Hadder is having. It could be a few days before I complete it.. some chapters take longer than others. Other than that I’m very pleased with the progress so far, it takes a long time to write such a thing in between making a record. I try to honor the moments of creation when they knock on the door, otherwise I’m plotting my tour across the US in my dreams to the crackles of burning fire wood and ocean winds. In a year I think most of this first book will be completed. All things are leaning towards a two book story.. so I imagine I’ll be doing this a while. At least that’s what the wind is saying today.

Hadder Website: A redesign is in process for the music page which suddenly seems rather drab in this meta world we are inching towards. Just something that’s on the radar. I’m happy that it seems to function well on Mobil devices, but I’m looking for something a bit grander on the desktop experience, we’ll see. I’ve outgrown the current page, like a butterfly. So is life. Other than that, quite happy with the Hadder digital space, the front page and the news page are all working rather nicely on all platforms and they are easy to weed and garden. Perhaps comments and the members section will be activated in the near future as the book and the touring plans progress. Tic toc.

The Headless Cross Project: The stargazer crew are recording some additional covers songs in the coming weeks, I plan of filming the process and singing on the tracks… with videos to go along with them, “Headless Cross’ and “Rainbow in the Dark”, from our good friend the king are on the table. I’ll post news from the studio in LA when we start the recording process.


Video Info: A solo I recorded this week for "Rivers End". It was a one taker to help me arrange the transition of parts.. but it's growing on me.


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