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Klipso and the paper cage.

Image: Diamonds Hadder on pilgrimage.

It’s Friday and the eggnog tap is running in BOK like the red river in spring… a small update this afternoon as I approach the weekend and return to the lower tower full time. It’s a spooky time this mid October…. My favorite month of the year. I’ve been thinking about Klipso and the story surrounding him, he’s an interesting frog… Magic you know…. His cage is a pencil drawing and he can leap from the page….. Another gift from Zabble and if you haven’t figured it out yet… his gifts are generally secret lessons to teach me something, next week I’ll tell you about Klipso, he might come in handy someday… things usually do in my world. I Hope to release the stargazer video this weekend and I imagine I’ll be able to finish up “Hell Fall”, or close to it, although the middle of the song has a beautiful little arrangement that might require some orchestration and time at the piano… we’ll see… never know how the day or night will play out. I may end up on a mountain tonight.. you never really know. I did a few video shoots while on my 1st pilgrimage, which is where I’ve lifted these stills from of me in the forest reading the good book. I imagine that a few people who stumbled upon me in the woods might have been a little confused or down right scared as to what they were seeing and hearing echoing through the white tree forest that afternoon… it made me chuckle then and it makes me chuckle now…. But that didn’t stop me from reading or doing the things I was doing. I don’t have much time anymore to care about what people think… I’m madly guided by a odd vision and a strange dream and it’s nonnegotiable. It has no timeline… no limit.. no beginning and it has no end… and it doesn’t matter what the world looks like or acts like outside of its existence. It doesn’t bend and it doesn’t mimic for reason. It just is what it is based on what created it in the first place. Nonnegotiable dreams are kind of fun… and rewarding. Results may vary but in time your choices help you sleep at night because they are yours and no one else’s. I’ve always enjoyed failing on my own terms, well not the failing part. Succeeding is better, but that goes without saying. I’ve shared in the outcomes of both in life many times my little woodsy friends. I like to think that my ability to peruse crazy self-serving notions is a notable attribute of mine but sometimes… hhmmm... it can be tricky to maneuver down that road with other people’s expectations and ultimatums blurring the path like a june fog. There’s always another king around the corner you know… looking at your throne and your queen for that matter. Trust in any form is a hard thing to come by. All kingdoms fall… but the towers stay and the dream that built them can live forever without any silly crowns or lines in the dirt. Trust IS the dirt under the tower. It's the unmovable earth to which all things stand upon that are worth a god damn.... “Ezra… get down from there!!” Well, let’s just say Klipso is an amazing frog and if not for me, he wouldn’t even exist. A thought has brought him to life. It's a simple thing that is forever now in a world of wishes and could of beens.... my own world of witches and hooded things. How amazing is that. Wait till you see him.. he’s very cool. (Ribet)

Well, I’m off to buy spiders and pumpkins for the lower tower. Enjoy your weekend.


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