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Evermore: The dream.

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Image info: An image from an amazing artist named Chris Cold who seems to paint the place of my dreams without even knowing it.

A few years ago I had a dream about a song and a place, it was called "Evermore". This was before I ever heard the words Diamonds Hadder. I awoke in an upstairs bedroom with a large diamond shaped window and the moon was outside as bright as could be… I desperately reached for a pen and I started writing words… they came out rather quickly and with ease… they were about a person or thing and a place, the original poem was called Mr Evermore which I'll post someday. I was there in the dream and I saw it all. I think the poem tells a lot about me and about the adventure that I was about to take in life… it filled me with a purpose that had been lost… it was a little spark from a very old flame that had just about gone out in me. It was like a little fire in the dark that refused to quit. I say all this because along the road to creating evermore I was a little sidetracked, you could say that the detour was well served and that there are no accidents. When I was young I took opera lessons and sang in bands for years and worshiped my untouchable idols and began training myself but I feel asleep one afternoon under the clouds at a beautiful tree that I was willingly lured too. So is life but little dreams that come and go. I remember that day and I think it was real but I’m not sure. When I awoke things were different… I was different. It’s nice to sleep away some things. "Oh Mr Evermore…. It’s you it was always you". You could say that the dream and the poem was maybe a message to myself, as I was not really in that room with the diamond window… I was still sleeping under the tree… the words came from the man with the flame who guarded the fire while I was away and who refused to stay asleep. The little things that happened since that night are really all just tiny odd pieces to a much larger puzzle that I’m trying to solve. A fire. The end. A light. Mr Evermore. Diamonds Hadder is not exactly about social media or likes or times lines and schedules and being this way or that way for the sake of being this way or that way… not that I have any problem with the way the world turns… it’s a fun time to be alive… words like vintage or old school or modern are really just labels and ultimately I want no part of anything that isn’t true to me in the NOW… i am the past... in living form... hadder is about being me and doing my best at that. It’s about serving dreams and listening to voices that don’t come from me but that tap at my soul from a place that I’m yet to get to and that I don’t fully understand but try to honor at all costs. It’s about conjuring magic from the dull drab day that enslaves us all, you and me. To harness my own ability to create in the manner in which I can do such things while I still can... and to build evermore and tell the story of Diamonds Hadder.

Anyway, I released evermore to the world, you can find it on most of the wonderful earthly music platforms for your listening pleasure at any time. All 15 minutes of it. May it remind you of all your capable of. The first level of the new tower is built and I can now sit for a moment and enjoy a nice fire while I draw a design for the new rafters and upper levels. I wish you all the best and I hope you all get a chance to dream and be everything you can be. If I can help in any way, fell free to reach out. Your only dreaming. We all are. Invent and re-invent yourself... and yes, imagine it all.


Video Info: Enjoy some clips of people being people to the delightful sounds of a dream. Kings and queens of time. Where are you queen?

"Evermore" - by Diamonds Hadder

“There’s a place that never was

And a door that takes you there

Just a knock is all it takes

But it won’t open till you wake.”

Oh evermore

Seems you’ve been at war

Oh evermore

Think I’ve been here before

So did you really fall

Or was it all just a tale

the saddest of them all

Here’s the key to evermore

Match the number to the door

Evermore… is that you I see behind the door

Evermore… you think you know it all

Do you dream in black and white

Of magic spells and haunted silver lights

Of a sky without the color blue

Never hide that spark inside of you

Make no wish before the star

Is this who you truly are

Here’s a key to evermore

3 numbers in a row… and not another more

Evermore.. could it be… is that you I see behind the door

Evermore… scale the wall

And cast a stone with the spell

Oh, there’s something down inside the well

One fated night the midnight star fell free

It left a hole in the sky that would never leave, no

I awoke to see the flash and the trail it left behind me

Our father who art in heaven.. Could hell this be our evermore.

“is that you I see?”

Run and hide to evermore

Remember now you’ve been here before

You wrote the numbers on the wall after all

You know, match the key on to evermore

On to evermore…

Did you really fall?

Here’s the key to evermore

Match the numbers to the door

Evermore… is that you I see behind the door

Evermore… seems you’ve always been at war.

Dressed up for the ball

Evermore.. yes you.. is that you I see behind the door

Oh evermore

A midnightmare is down to take us

But to die before your chance to wake up

Would not be a wise mistake to make this

Less your fate be evermore at stake

Oh evermore

Oh it’s older than heaven

Oh evermore… you’ve been here before

Oh do you really think you know it all Mr Evermore?

Who will wear the crown

To rule them all, them all

When the king is dead

After the fall

And who will sing the saddest song

is it you or me

Who are all these people in golden halls… without souls

Wearing faces of the dead I swear I knew them all

Who are we to dream when every dream we make only falls into evermore

Who wears the crown in evermore?

Oh… Is that you I see behind the door


Can’t you see.. it was you afterall

Who filed the keys to every door

And not another more

You know

It was you.. always you.

A midnightmare is down to take us

But to die before you chance

Would not be a wise mistake to make this

Less your fate be evermore at stake is

Oh.. Mr Evermore.. it’s you behind the door… I know now

Welcome home


I know

It’s you


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