diamonds hadder the tower kind winters promo video

Image: An early portrait of John hadder, Diamonds father..

Good morning, a short Friday message as a lot is going on in the hadder camp. I'm in my 2nd week of meditations and I’m literally seeing the world as particles and energy. All things. You have no idea, or maybe you do.

I broke through some thick brush this week and found my way into the golden stream by accident… I can’t really talk about it right now as it’s still all so fresh in my mind and consciousness. It was amazing… such a thing even exists, and it was there all along. Shame on me.

I will say very quickly, some things have been reactivated to prepare for the release of all this work I’ve been doing.... @j_evermore has risen from the dead... feel free to stop in and say hello. I have some creative things I’ll be working on there in the coming months as the planet starts to feel the trickle of Hadder energy and things in small dark places look for places to wander.

I should be meeting with Ransay rather soon to finalize some solos and mixes for the Ramsay/Evermore tracks that we finished earlier in the year. They will be sent adrift with the rest of the Diamonds Hadder Record, along that beautiful golden stream I’m engulfed in these days…hopefully before I leave for my pilgrimage.

My mind is well on the Hadder Book now and the characters and stories I need to bring to life…. All while I finish up my last few dance moves with the Dead Rabbit. What a lucky tale that turned out to be. No pun intended.

Enjoy a little image of John Hadder, my father. There are not many images of John Hadder, some say he was 7ft tall, some say he had strange red markings on his face like scars that never healed.. and that his eyes were as blue as the Brakkil sea. This was an early rendition of him found in a book in Zabbles library, not sure if it's accurate. From what I can tell from the books I have read... he was a formidable specimen of a man.

Enjoy your life dear friends, imagine it deeply, and it could be very well so. I promise. I wish the best for you. Stay up.

-J (from deep inside the golden stream of consciousness)


diamonds hadder the tower kind winters promo video

Image: An Artificial Intelligence artwork programs representation of the "Evermore Poem".

Good morning, it’s Friday in late “sextillia” or, as we’ve come to call it here in BOK, August… the 6 month named by the emperor Augustus.

A short update today as I’ve been enjoying that last push for the record, I actually slowed my pace and have been enjoying my beetle ridden rose bushes as of late.

Rather than a formal update I thought I would just talk today. I’ve been thinking a lot about entering into a deep mediation for the next month or so, to see if I can’t shift the balance of the fates. There have been other times in my life when I’ve done such things…. I seem to be in a very magical state of mind lately. Reality, if there is such a thing, is such a dreadfully illusive bore. Sometimes when I close my eyes I can almost see the fabric of time and space… or at least I sense it around me in the air. I’m sure I’m not the only one seeing such things. I wish it was always so, but there have been months and years when I lost touch with it all… like I forgot… or I was just so deep under the spell that I simply didn’t remember the old ways and hidden unseen things. An august crescent moon approached me yesterday morning… trying to get my attention… it first was softly calling my name in the dark above the roof tops… as I was singing and meditating. I was weary at first and thought I was dreaming or just cracking up…. I was still and then again is spoke…. “Johnathan”…. I opened my eyes and there it was, a beautiful moon hidden in shadow, but a sliver of sun I could see like a crooked smile.

“Johnathan… What's most important, is that you're here. A million times less important is what you do here, when, where and with whom.”

Hmmm… I had to ponder his words a bit. It was a reminder to me… from where it came I do not know. Well, it came from Augustus perhaps.

Life is confusing at times. So much of our life is based on circumstances defined only by what we have experienced or what we think… yet there is so much more. The inconceivable is always possible. But try explaining “Red” to someone who lived their entire life in a blue world, until they saw it with their own eyes… could you be upset with them for declaring there is only blue and no such thing as red. Would they even care and does it even matter? I heard an interesting thing this week… it was discussion about a person holding a flashlight… the discussion was focused on the fact that a flashlight can only see a 100 ft or so…. And that beyond that, you have to walk to see more. In the dark there are endless possibilities and places although if you just spend your days discussing the 100 feet or so that you see, well, the world will always just be blue “so to say”. The premise of the story was a little reminder to myself. A reminder of why diamonds hadder even exists. Hadder certainly is an idea with many unanswered questions… driven by what’s just beyond that 100ft of light. It makes almost no sense to even exist in this time, yet it does. I have no cool ending for this tale and I don’t pretend to have figured anything out, I do however like walking in the dark and I have seen the color red.

I’ll be meditating on this a while, during my midnight tracking sessions with the dead rabbit as my birth moon arrives soon. I hope you can find a little quiet place to close your eyes and imagine what’s beyond your own 100ft, keep walking… there’s a lot more to see. Perhaps we’ll see it together someday.

PS I left my "Evermore" poem under the magic willow tree outside of Remrod, "The Great Hoshendra, the gift giver" and when I returned there was a painting in it's place. Interesting image.



diamonds hadder the tower kind winters promo video

Image: Some words that might show up on the "Ballad of the Dead Rabbit" and an image i have in my head.

Good morning.. it’s 2:00am and I’m sitting by a fire by Petchzkin lake just outside remrod.

It’s quiet and the sun is just lighting the horizon.. just some lake noise you might expect. Bokonian loons, lake whizzers and such. Ezra is out wandering. I have a moment to talk:

Music Update: the finale… the rabbit is rather grand in its early strokes. This is fun. Building the totem of music that is "the ballad of the dead rabbit" once and for all.

I might have mentioned this before but A wonderful flood of new ideas, both in the form of words and music, have found their way to me as fuel for this rather epic tale about true life and death. Life and death of spirit of course. Oh it all burns in the end… but that doesn’t mean it’s gone for now. It’s just a fire.. and what lies underneath is what’s most important. I’ve had several fires that have swept past me.. literally and figuratively speaking. My task this month is to sum it all up into this track. I’ve let go of any notions of order or rules for structure and will allow this track to breath and be free as an end.. to explore some of my operatic roots and my love for the sounds of the symphony. It truly is a song for a tolling bell, if there ever was one. Considering I’m scoring and writing and tracking everything, my time gets divided into creative tracking sessions and then producer like sessions where I’m literally just going through raw tracks and sculpting the song as a whole. It’s a tricky balancing act. Each has their own disciplines and both are needed to complete something like this. I find that time between the two duties is needed to separate myself from the respective roles. Because of this, tracks take time.. they need it.. I suppose some artists work one way and some another. This process seems to work for me. It was a big vocal week for the rabbit track, lots of tracking and free-styling.. i think I found the chorus trick, rather magically and by accident, I was also able to link the new front of the song to the later chorusus. For most people, they could care less of such things, ha.... but for me, a musical puzzle nerd.. it’s one of the most important things of a track. That little thin line that runs through it all.. the art of not breaking it.. and the quality of that chorus, that moment, when the most important words of the art are magnified but still connected… does it fit… each time it comes back. Syllables, words, patterns, feelings… music in all forms is a pretty powerful brush to wield. I’m wielding a fateful brush these weeks before the snow falls again on my little cabin in the blue wood.

Other things: Although it’s very hot in BOK, I smell autumn. I don’t try to rush things, but I am on a little clock with the final track as my yearly pilgrimages approach. I’ve already begun packing small things and preparing for my travels. It sure would be nice to have this record wrapped up and with me along the way.

Artwork News: I’m still commissioning pieces of artwork for hadder, there are several that I haven’t shared yet as I plan on using them for merch along the way. There are a lot of gears turning behind the scenes, you have no idea. Perhaps a few surprises as well. I’m especially happy with the latest “lord Jules” rendition of john hadder on his hill watching the fires consume the hillside he once called home. It’s an amazing piece of art imitating life. Something that wasn’t and then suddenly was because I just willed it to be. Currently Master of Illusion is being crafted. I’ve always imagined that cold table and that room that poor Jonathan was in, under that spell. Perhaps we will get to see a little image of that moment soon. Hmmmmm

Off topic: There’s a lesson in all that.. one for the ages.. so many things are but a wish and work away from become a true reality. Lord time certainly stands in the way of us.. it wields it’s own weapons against us.. it has many allies.. and many a tool to disrupt the vibration of honest creation. Why, I don’t know. I face many of his tricks.. and you must too. It’s not easy.. not for me and it won’t be for you I’m guessing. Just imagine.... take a break... and then imagine more. Soon, as I’ve noticed, a picture takes shape in between the struggles of it all. Outside of that unnerving silence and dark. Just after hopelessness, the sun shines again. Depression is a heavy cloud that passes… When I think back to the days in my studio on that hill.. I hardly recognize that man in his tall mirror.. huddled from the winds outside… starting from day one… my vocal patterns along the pacific each morning.. the evermore dream.. the master of illusion day… the season of tor.. and that first time I cut the shape of that first diamond at 200 north. It's amazing I’ve made it this far. I could certainly bow out now and smile at what’s been imagined and created so far. No, I don’t fully understand the why. However, my curse is a lifelong curse, and I’ve yet to write the full novel or travel the world as I’ve seen it in my dreams, many a time. So I listen tentatively.. Imagine. Break. Imagine. It’s not really magic, it just seems like it. I’m not the most power lad, but I am a scrapper who refuses to quit.. and that can be a problem for even the strongest of adversaries.

Rehearsals: A daily thought now, imagining the new “old” tower. Soon. Lord Etch, Kritz, the mystery man and? My old friend? Who? Imagine. Break. Imagine. Scattered puzzle pieces for now.

It should be a fun winter. Shouldn’t it? Yes is the answer.

Imagine. Break. Imagine.

Be well my friends… don’t expect a cloudless world and you’ll be fine when the sun does shine. I promise. It gets hot out there so bring some water and a pen for quietly drafting the world of “your” dreams.

Ps Use bigger paper, just saying.


Video Info: Some music from Ballad of the Dead Rabbit played along to some actual footage of the fire that swept over the den.